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Thai Herbal Oil Massage


Thai herbal oil massage in Thai massage Leeds  is similar to Swedish massage.

It also applies Thai herbal essential oils on your body. After which, tender kneading and pressing is

applied all over your body especially in the neck, back and shoulders. The aim of Thai herbal oil

massage is for relaxing your mind, to stimulate and rejuvenate skin, relieves migraine and relieves

muscle and tendon injuries.


Thai massage Leeds has countless Thai herbal essential oil you can choose from.

Here is a list of our Thai herbal essential oil .


1.  Ginger  oil

Ginger can be used to treat insomnia, relieves the symptoms of colds, relaxes, and boosts up your mind.


2.  Clover oil

Clover essential oils helps in relieving stress, headaches, refreshes the mind, promotes sleep, increases

blood circulation, and increases metabolism.


3.  Basil oil

Basil treats the nervous tension and relieves migraine, depression, pain, bruises, scars, sport injuries,

sprains and headache. It also gives mental strength and clarity.


4.  Lemon oil

It helps to induce sleeping, retreat stress disorders, insomnia, tiredness, removes  exhaustion,

nervousness, refreshes the mind by creating a positive mind-frame and removes negative emotions.


5.  Bergamot oil

It helps relax the nerves and muscles, also gives a quick relief in cramps.



6.  Peppermint oil

It helps in relieving stress, depression and mental, exhaustion and removes headache.


7.  Green tea oil

It makes you relax, refresh your mind, it also helps in relieving muscle pain, aches and sprains.


8.  Cardamon oil

It has a warming effect which heats up the body to give relief in cold. It also gives relief for headache,

muscle and cramps.


9.  Jasmine oil

It helps uplift the mind and fight depression, makes you feel happy and awake, calms body down, mind

and soul. It also relieves anxiety and stress.


10.  Lemon grass oil

Boosts self esteem, confidence, drives away depression. Helps relieve muscle, joints and cures body

pains resulting from sudden exercise, sports.